About Jet Rental Florida

Jet Rental Florida started in 2020. Bruno Venichand is the founder of Jet Rental Florida. We serves the private jet charter services. Our services includes private jet, business jet, helicopters, and air taxi. You will get premium and luxurious experience with our private jet services. 

Why Choose a Private Jet Charter?

With your private jet, you will get a more premium and luxurious experience. You will have VIP treatment. Your privacy is a big concern. So you will get the top level of privacy. You can save lots of time with our private jet service.

Time: Time is one of the most important reasons to hire a private jet. You will save your lots of time after using private jet.

Flexibility: Plane can be available for you in few hours and your go anywhere. You can also change your direction during the way also.

Privacy & Security: Private jet means you are the boss. So your every move on the jet is private. And you will get top-notch security.

Mr. Bruno Venichand
Founder & CEO

Jet Rental Florida
Jet Rental Florida

Premium, High Class Jet Fleet


Jet Rental Florida provides the premium high-class experience of the private jet. Jet Rental Florida makes flying amazing. Here you are the boss and you can go anywhere you want. 

Our flights have supported the of business, politics and entertainment, military movements, medical, evacuations, marine searches, fire fighting, tourism, commerce, and hundreds of team supporters.